Hey Friends:

Tenshi is a Japanese word for Angel or someone who watches over someone, a protector. On this page you will meet our Tenshi the Guardian Angels and Teachers of Merrick, Cody and Teal.  Each of them posses special powers, a favorite weapons and their love for martial arts and protecting the earth. The Tenshi love to help people in need and also the environment. You will get special pointers from them on how to save the planet, stay away from bullies and also be the best student in your martial arts and public school.

Listen to the Tenshi as they teach you lessons on how to be a true warrior.

The Tenshi are Guardians, and Sensei is a word used for teacher. They are actually the highest level of martial artist called a Tatsujin - master. The Tenshi come from a special breed of warrior that date back thousands of years in time and a land when animals spoke and walked the planet just like humans. Then came a time when the world was divided by evil powers. The Tenshi went into hiding to protect their race and only share their secrets with those they can trust. Become one of the few who become personal students like Merrick, Cody and Teal.   

Each of the Tenshi have special magical powers and have been teaching it to Merrick, Cody and Teal to prepare them for what is about to come. Come with us on a journey of adventure in book one and help "The Three Kings" make their way through a world of twists and turns like you have never seen.