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Welcome to Warrior Kids World - Lessons. As you know in martial arts schools around the world, instructors teach their students amazing lessons all the time. A great instructor can "change your life forever." Just Like Kyoshi and Tatsujin Washii, Ookami and Kuma teaches Merrick, Cody and Teal. In book one if you read closely you will see and hear many Martial Arts lessons. If you really pay attention you will almost feel like a student of the martial arts.

If you want to take this further, listen to the stories on this page and go to our registered schools sections and call them for a free one week trial membership. Each and every school is different so the smart thing to do is to go interview the instructors and make sure you feel comfortable in their school.

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These parables are great lessons in virtue, martial arts, and mindset.  Within my dojo we teach these to our children all the time and I am hoping that you will listen to them, enjoy and then share them with others.   You can do that either by sharing this web site and page or by telling them.  I enjoy the art of story telling, wordsmithing, or being a silver tongue.  After all back in ancient times, many lessons were taught this way.  Enjoy!


The story of "Two Frogs."


The Story of "The Scorpian and the Frog."


Dangerous Words


The Meaning of Respect